What are the boards at the airport called

When you step into an airport, one of the first things you might notice is the large screens displaying a plethora of flight information. These digital displays, commonly known as Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), are crucial for providing passengers and airport personnel with real-time updates about flight statuses, gate numbers, arrival and departure times, and even baggage claim information.

FIDS are an integral part of the modern airport experience, ensuring smooth transitions for travelers by keeping them informed about their flights. These systems are typically found in various locations throughout an airport, including entrance halls, check-in areas, gate areas, and baggage claim sections. The information on FIDS is continuously updated to reflect any changes, such as delays, cancellations, or gate changes, making them a reliable source for passengers.

The technology behind these display systems involves a combination of hardware and software that manages and disseminates flight data provided by airlines and airport operations. This data is then formatted and presented on screens that are strategically placed to be easily visible. The screens themselves can be large LED boards or sets of LCD monitors, depending on the airport’s infrastructure and design preferences.

Moreover, FIDS are not only useful for passengers but also essential for airport operations. They help manage passenger flow and reduce congestion by directing passengers to the correct areas of the airport, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and safety. In addition to flight details, these displays can also provide information on airport services, amenities, and emergency announcements.

While the primary function of FIDS is to display flight information, many airports are now integrating additional features into these systems. For example, some FIDS include interactive elements, such as touchscreens that allow passengers to search for specific flight details or airport maps. Others integrate with mobile apps and websites, providing passengers with the option to access this crucial information from their smartphones or other devices.

In conclusion, Flight Information Display Systems are a vital technology in airports around the world. They play a key role in keeping travelers informed and ensuring that airport operations run smoothly. As technology advances, the capabilities of FIDS are likely to expand, further enhancing the travel experience for passengers and improving operational efficiency for airports.

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